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WEBINAR - Showcase of MIMO Mobile App Integration with Mifos/Fineract by Mann India - Tuesday Nov 20 at 1400GMT

Hello community,

It's been a while since a webinar has been held to highlight some of the
work in the ecosystem.

Longtime partner, Mann India would like to showcase the integration they've
completed between Mifos/Fineract and their mobile app, MIMO for agent and
field officer management.

The webinar will be this Tuesday November 20 at 1400GMT via GoToTraining:


Learn more about Mann India and MIMO at http://www.mann-india.com/mimo/

Mann India will be showcasing the integration between Mifos and MIMO, their
mobile app for enabling field processes via Android devices.

MIMO integration with MIFOS enables directly in the field pre-process,
in-process and post-process support through capabilities like field officer
task assignments, tracking and management of agents, and service
notifications for core procedures.

The Integration points between MIMO & MIFOS to be showcased include:
- Client pnboarding
- Savings Applications
- Loan Application
- Collection Sheet generation
- Loan Repayment etc

MIMO enhances productivity using on-demand API calls and runs on affordable
and easily accessible Android devices, providing a wide array of services
through its core MIMO backend developed on the Java platform.


Ed Cable