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Making top level explanations clear

Hi all,

I'm making a few minor changes to the wiki page
https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/FINERACT/Fineract+Home to
provide clarity about Fineract1.x vs FineractCN.  This flows from

As new people come into the project, it would be useful to know what is
confusing and difficult to understand, and also what is working.  If you
have feedback, I'd be happy to try to make additional changes.

Let me know if you object to anything I'm changing or if you think we
should discuss more.

One thing we know about successful open source projects is that they have a
clear vision and strong communication.  This leads to everyone
understanding priorities and where their effort fits in.  I'd like to
continue to flag this as an area of improvement and to help out with new
content as needed.

I am also proposing that we use the front website
http://fineract.apache.org/ to provide more content.  I'm going through the
list of apache projects and look for things to model off of:
e.g. http://flume.apache.org/

They all seem to include top or side navigation, as well as some graphics
and clear language about:

   - Why project exists
   - Where/when to Use
   - How to Use
   - How to Get Started
   - How to Contribute
   - Recent news / talks / presentations (optionally)

One some these projects, the site is merely a thin layer on top of the
wiki, on others there is substantial content on the website.  I propose we
continue with being a thin layer on top of the wiki as that makes content
management easier and more dynamic.