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Fwd: Impact Challenge – Google AI

Hello Mifos and Fineract communities,

I know that many members of the ecosystem are utilizing AI within their
solutions to drive key features of their offerings. I would like to make
everyone aware of this sizeable, Google grant opportunity, of grants up to
$2M from a pool of $25M to explore proposals from non-profits and
socially-focused for-profits to address to "apply artificial intelligence
and machine learning to social, humanitarian and environmental challenges.'


We invite you to apply independently but at the Mifos Initiative plan on
filing a proposal and invite any organizations or individuals in the
community with expertise on AI who would like to collaborate with us to
reach out.

The community has only had a limited involvement in AI with a couple of
exploratory projects this past GSOC:

Machine Learning Based Scorecards:

A PDF of the application can be found here:


*Ed Cable*
President/CEO, Mifos Initiative
edcable@xxxxxxxxx | Skype: edcable | Mobile: +1.484.477.8649

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