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Re: [Mifos-users] Scheduler Jobs Nor Running (Penalties Affected)

Dear Abiy,

This is a long post but if you follow me carefully you will solve your
problem easily. My skype is stebby.tugara i can assist for a few minutes
during work days.

>From your attached configuration i have some observations.

   1. In your Loan product configuration, under Overdue Charges, select the
   correct penalty charge product (I assume it is the Late Payment Penalty)
   not Additional Interest. Or select both if you have other intended uses.
   2. Go to Charges Configuration > Late Penalty payment. Change the charge
   time type to "Overdue fees" and make sure Is Penalty is TRUE(Ticked).
   3. Go to scheduler job and manually run the job "Add penalty to Overdue

NOTE: Editing some charges product will not be possible if it has been
applied to existing loans. You  might need to create a new loan application
for the penalty to reflect. Old loans will usually preserve their initial

The error log in Accrual scheduler jobs is due to some incorrect
configuration rules in loan with IDs 914, 978, 851 etc all listed in the

   1. What payment type was used for disbursal and repayments of your loans
   (This will post entries as set in the Advanced Accounting rule in Loan
   Product config.)
   2. Verify if the disbursed loans posted their journal entries to correct
   g/l accounts
   3. Verify if repayments are posting to correct journal entries

Go to any of the troubled loans, under Transactions tab and check if there
are any accrual entries (Make sure "Hide Accruals" is unchecked).

I gotta go, thanks.


On Fri, Nov 2, 2018 at 7:41 PM Kevin Kimani via Mifos-users <
mifos-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Abiy,
> Sorry about that.
> Attached please find.
> On Fri, Nov 2, 2018 at 2:20 PM Abiy Atsbha <abiyats@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Dear Kevin,
>> I think your screenshots are not uploaded. I am not seeing any.  Stebbins has
>> explained in detail.
>> Kindly, share the screenshots here again.
>> Regards,
>> Abiy A.
>> On Fri, Nov 2, 2018 at 12:48 PM Kevin Kimani <kevmbatia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> wrote:
>>> Abiy A
>>> Hope this email finds each and everyone well, and thank you for your
>>> feedback.
>>> Attached please find the requested details for:
>>>    - loan product  and the charges information. Please note that i
>>>    didn't put all loan and charges info, just picked a couple of each just to
>>>    give a perspective
>>>    - Screenshot of the scheduler jobs.
>>> for your perusal
>>> Feedback will be highly appreciated
>>> Regards,
>>> Kevin Kimani
>>> Resilient Business Systems Ltd
>>> www.resilientsytems.co
>>> +254 721 676 670
>>> skype: kevin.kimani (Kevin Mbatia Kimani)
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