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Repayment Schedule Bug

Hello devs,


I believe this is a bug unless one can prove otherwise.


I have attached herewith screenshots to showcase the bug.


This bug exist with JLG loans and when enabled meetings_mandatory_for_jlg_loans.


When you change a group meeting date then book a new loan the first payment will reflect the old meeting day instead of the new meeting date.


I have reproduced this bug in https://demo3.openmf.org/#/viewgroup/47 which its meeting was initially set to Monthly on day 30 as shown in file XFOR_Meeting1.png attached and booked a loan as shown in SAL_Schedule1.png attached.


On changing the group meeting to Monthly on day 5 (XFOR_Meeting2.png) the 2nd repayment changed for the existing loan to 5th December 2018 as shown in SAL_Schedule2.png, I expected the 1st installment to change to 5th November 2018 but that never happened.


I also booked a new loan expecting repayment schedule to be 5th of every month. Yes it was before approving the loan as you can see from SAL_Schedule3.png but immediately when I approved this loan the 1st repayment changed to 30th October of which 30th was the old meeting day as shown in SAL_Schedule4.png attached.


This bug has really affected one of our clients as most of their loans fell into arrears after changing group meeting dates and are currently rescheduling one loan after another which is obviously a tedious exercise.


Can someone kindly but urgently look into this, a hotfix could really help salvage this situation we have at hand.


Thanks & Regards;



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