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github auth initial-setup.sh

Ebenezer G - thanks for the script

I'm trying to follow along and perhaps figure out what is a difficult step
for other devs.

I have forked to my github acct each of the fineract-cn repos as called on
the line starting "get_modules fineract-cn-lang fineract-cn-api

Using your script, I get an error on authentication.  My github account
uses 2-factor authentication, so I think that's the source of the error as
it errors out on the first repo you start with in the
get modules () function.

> Cloning into 'fineract-cn-lang'...

> remote: Invalid username or password.

> fatal: Authentication failed for '

> -bash: cd: fineract-cn-lang: No such file or directory

It would be useful to be able to use your script to clone each of the core
git repos locally.

Any thoughts on how to use your script with two-factor auth enabled on
github?  Or bypass that?