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Re: Merging dev and user lists for Fineract (INFRA-17176)

Hey James,

On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 7:04 PM James Dailey <jamespdailey@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Will it preserve a future reopening of list? I.e. Can it be re-established
> or re-opened later?

I understood Gavin's response to my question this way, yes.

> Then ... Comms...can we make sure to follow up w key members of users that
> aren't part of dev to make sure they know the why and what? (I'm happy to
> craft an email to them... I think it should go out first to them as a
> notification).

Thanks.  Please wait the 72 hours for people on dev to object.  Then
I'll wait to confirm the Infra request until after you've sent the
mail to the user's list.  You might want to include instructions for
subscribing to dev.

: o),