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Re: Error when running Test on Fims

It looks like the test in available-actions.service.spec.ts does pull in a
component which is using the MatSelect component. This is weird since its a
unit test for a service which should not have any references to a component

Do you have a branch/fork/PR to share? So I can have a look and add my

BTW - the solution would be to add the MatSelectModule into the imports of
the TestingModule but it would be good to understand why the component is
being pulled in first.

On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 7:09 PM Ruphine Kengne <ruphinekengne@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hello everyone,
> I wrote unit test for the Group service into fims-web-app, it worked
> successful
> but I am having an error from the AvailableActionService in the teller
> service when I run npm run test.
> Here is the link to the error:
> https://pastebin.com/9ftKYDg8
> Here is the link to the commit for the issue FINCN-100(Write Unit test for
> the Group service into fims):
> https://github.com/kengneruphine/fineract-cn-fims-web-app/commit/a2355be72c8bbd0cdfc86a6fdbdeb8d9be5c2f99
> Please can someone help me out?
> Thanks
> Ruphine Kengne