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Re: Dev vs User Mailing Lists

Thanks for the info, Bertrand.

Mailing lists can be just as exclusive as semi-synchronous environments. They may not work for your community, but they work for ours, and removing them will necessarily disadvantage many contributors.

I'm firmly of the opinion that you can't completely ignore real-time communications and expect 100% of everything to occur asynchronously on mailing lists. It explicitly disallows certain types of communication that you can't have in a mailing list. You have the imposition of the formality of a mailing list for newcomers, you have the "being on record" syndrome, you have the "must be subscribed to post" problem (not always), and finally you are ignoring the fact that people will talk real time anyway - so why not make that a venue that you at least have some control/visibility over? In fact, my doctoral research was on how semi-synchronous communications support distance work and learning better than fully asynchronous ones....


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FWIW there was a good discussion about this recently in Apache Arrow:



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