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Re: [Discussion] Fineract CN SMS & Email Notifications Project

Hey Ebenezer,

I really hope you keep the name Wada.  I love personal touches like
this.  Hermes isn't Egyptian and his Egyptian counterpart Thoth is
already taken by another service.  But far more important: Wada means
something to you.

No problem on the 404s  Your repos are public so it wasn't really an obstacle.

Have you been able to make headway with my explanation?  If something
is unclear please tell me.  But also keep in mind I have several
deadlines coming up so I'm going to be slow in replying through the
next week.

Best Regards,

On Mon, Oct 8, 2018 at 10:59 PM Ebenezer Graham
<egraham15@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Wow! the reason for Anubis is deep. I should have consulted you for
> suggestions.
> First of all apologies for the 404s. I clean up my repo ( squashed some
> commits and deleted a few test branches) and so I had to force push to my
> git repo when I wanted to pull onto the VM. All the new code on the
> authentication is here
> https://github.com/ebenezergraham/fineract-cn-notifications/tree/permitted-feign-client-auth.
> I will be mindful of squash and force push next time.
> Wada means "To be loved".The notification service is my first ever open
> source project and as a wannabe open source advocate this was a really big
> deal for me hence *"my love for it".* Also partly because it's an
> Indigenous Kalanga name, I am fascinated by southern African languages and
> as such, I leave a trail of it on significant things in my life. :)
> But after reading the meaning of Anubis. I guess *hermes* would be a
> perfect name. One of the twelve Olympian gods ( mostly known as the
> messenger god). :0