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Dev vs User Mailing Lists

Reading over the escalation guide and the advice it gave on directing
appropriate issues/matters to the respective mailing lists, it got me
thinking about our Fineract Dev and Fineract User lists.

We are always trying to be inclusive especially around awarding merit or
committership in valuing non-technical contributions to the project. In
that same spirit, I worry we sometimes might be leaving out non-technical
members of the community who might only be subscribed to the user list when
we treat dev as the primary list for all communications (community-related,
etc whether they're technical or not).

I know we don't want to clutter the mailing lists and we don't want to
cross-post everything across both lists but what do ewe think are some ways
to address this?

One possible option is just to consolidate the lists into dev but I don't
think that is good long-term because as community grows we will have
distinct technical vs. functional/design conversations happening.

I know that user list is small but that might be a product of the fact that
we direct everyone to sign up for dev because most conversations happen on

Should everyone just operate under the norm that dev is the primary list
and any public community-related matter or announcement will come through
there and that everyone should be subscribed to that list to not miss any
key information?

Or should we just operate in the fashion of cross-posting to both lists if
it's relevant to both audiences - that requires extra effort and ensures
everybody receives the message but then it does dilute the discussion as
input given on @user wouldn't be seen by @Dev <dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

CC'ing ComDev too because they probably have some good suggestions based on
on other projects. However our community might be distinct in that we have
a larger user-facing community than most more
technical/infrastructure-oriented Apache projects.



---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Myrle Krantz <myrle@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, Oct 9, 2018 at 11:41 PM
Subject: Escalation guide for project issues
To: dev <dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hey all,

An escalation guide for Apache issues was just posted on
dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  I wanted to make sure our community was
aware of this as well:


In general, I invite you to discuss problems you see with the Fineract
project.  Discussion should be done openly, on the
dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx list, or, in some cases,
private@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  Addressing problems early and openly
will keep most problems from becoming too large to handle.

Best Regards,
Committer, Apache Fineract

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