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Fineract Payment gateway

Hi all -

I wanted to provide an update on the Fineract Payment gateway development
that we have been working on over the past few months. A few different
teams have been working on this functionality for some time, and we are
continuing efforts to deliver functionality that will allow Fineract to
work with other MFIs, MMPs and large scale projects like Mojaloop.

Antony Omeri developed functionality that allows Fineract to interact with
outside systems using ActiveMQ. The latest iteration of this development
can be found here:

This past summer, Sanyam Goel (under the mentorship of Rahul Goel and
myself) did some excellent work developing a middleware project that
handles transactions between Fineract and other providers like Beyonic and
Mojaloop. The latest iteration of this work can be found here:

After the summer, I did a bit of work to flesh out the connections between
Fineract, the payment gateway, and a first outside provider, which was
Beyonic. I have finished the implementation of some basic functionality,
and created a document in Confluence which describes how to configure and
use all of the various pieces. This document is located here:

While we have established an architecture and implemented some basic flows,
it is important that we validate that the architecture/design and approach
are appropriate for what we would like to do long-term with Fineract and
interacting with other platforms.

I would invite the community to review, comment, and critique the work that
has been done on this project. There may be a better design and
architecture that will serve the long-term needs of Fineract. Or we may
find that this architecture is one that we want to continue to build on and

Please feel free to respond with any questions or comments.