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Blog Posts Recapping and Reflecting on Google Summer of Code Experiences

Hello Apache Fineract and Mifos communities,

I wanted to share with you a couple blog posts for you to both see
firsthand what interns at Mifos and Apache Fineract worked on over the
summer and to recount their reflections on how their summer experiences
shaped them.

Check them out and share with your friends and colleagues

A lot of work remains so we appreciate ongoing efforts to help review the
code, test it out and continue to extend it!

Recap: http://mifos.org/blog/2018-google-summer-of-code-wrap-up/
Reflections: http://mifos.org/blog/2018-google-summer-of-code-reflections/


P.S. GSOC Mentor Summit happens next weekend - Isaac, Rajan, and Rahul are
the three official mentors from Mifos attending - I'll also be there as a
lucky name pulled off the waitlist. We don't know who from ASF will be
there as we didn't have visibility into that process.