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Progress report on containerizing Fineract CN

Hello Guys,

I am starting this new thread so that it can be used to monitor the
progress in containerizing Fineract CN.

I have written the documentation
needed to set up the desired environment. I will update the documentation
based on the feedback from the community.
I have also moved the code based to
It's quite messy as of now since I was concentrating on making some
functionalities work but I will clean it up ASAP.

So what works:

   - I have implemented the necessary scripts to containerize and deploy
   the Finerct service and external service i.e Cassandra, MariaDB, Eureka,
   and ActiveMQ, using Docker, docker-compose, and Kubernetes.
   - I have implemented scripts to start up and shut down the system when
   deploying using docker compose
   - I am currently implementing a provisioning script that supposed to
   provision the system after deployment. I am following the deployment
   strategy defined in Demo Server's ServiceRunner.java file. So far the
   provisioner script,

   1. Registers the up and running microservices via the provisioner
   2. Then starts provisioning a tenant. As of now, it registers the tenant
   via provisioner, -> authenticates as an administrator, -> assigns identity
   manager for the tenant, -> creates the scheduler user, -> enables the
   scheduler user's account, then logins in ready to provision the other

I will clean up the code base before continue working on the other

Work to be done:

   - Implement script to provision Rythm, organization, customer, ledger,
   portfolio, deposit-account-manager, teller, report, cheque payroll and group
   - Implement migration script
   - Upgrade bash script so it could be more user-friendly like
   Linux commands and their man pages
   - We could also use a Configuration management like ansible or puppet to
   manage the configurations required to deploy the system.

So that's the progress of the project as of now, I will continue updating
this thread as I make progress on the project. I will be happy to have the
community join this train :-)