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Fineract CN Group Finance bug report

*Hi everyone,I went through the new UI for Fineract CN
<https://github.com/apache/fineract-cn-group-finance>) a couple of days
ago. It looks good for a start however, I came accross a couple of bugs
(details below) and I decided to spend some time fixing some of the
bugs.Bugs - Login view- Login component does not have a defined variable
for password visibility and this results to build failure- Password field
is visible by default- Password field visibility toggle is reverse- No
error message if user enters wrong credentials on login- Center view:
“CenterFormComponent” does not have a definition for “staffs” object array
and it results to build failure- Issue with views: Views get added (instead
of being replaced) and form some sort of a list with the most recent at the
top and every subsequent view opened gets added to the list. Screenshot can
be found here: https://imgur.com/a/as7RPZs <https://imgur.com/a/as7RPZs>
and the steps to replicate the bug are shown below. 1. Login as operator2.
Click on “view centers” on the left nav3. Click on “show” from the “Manage
Centers” section entries4. On the left nav, click on Employees, followed by
Offices followed by any other nav option you feel like - Collection sheet
route not working. How to replicate: Login as operator and click on
“Collection” sheet from the left nav- On the top nav bar 1. Group routes to
“Centers” view from “Clients” dropdown2. Center routes to “QuickAccess”
view from “Clients” dropdown3. No routerLink for “Accounting”4. Router
links for both member and deposit in “Reports” dropdown not working5.
Operator user doesn’t seem to have access to Teller and products in the
“Admin” dropdown (this one might not be a bug) - “Alt + x” key combination
not working for search box in the top nav- “View Centers” menu option on
the left nav not visible on small screen size even when I scroll down to
the endFor those using the group finance user interface, please check to
see if you can identify bugs.Thanks, Kelvin Ikome.*