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Re: [Mifos-developer] Guidance on how to access Front end for development

Welcome to our community. We are happy to see you here.

I would urge you to take a look at these links.

   1. Getting Started Doc
   2. Take Your First Steps
   3. Key Design Principles
   4. Coding Conventions

These are the repositories: Apache Fineract

Here is all other Mifos repositories  including front end (Community  App)
, mobile app (Android client, Self service app), Web self  service app, etc


This is a link to how to import the microservices into Intellij - Link

On Wed, Sep 19, 2018 at 2:01 PM Musengimana Danny <musedanny@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hello Team ,
> i am new  on Mifos X and Fineract community- app  development  , however i
> am a java programmer and i am familiar with most of technology used in
> mifos and fineract development  unless angular JS , and Gradle build tool ,
> which i am learning now .
> , I have managed to set up development environment  for its back-end  for
> fineract provider and also community - app   , i have even managed to
> import fineract provider source code on IDE am using (Spring tool suite )
> and i can access all the packages and source code .
>  - The Issues i am getting is to access the front-end (pages ) and how to
> connect view(web pages) side to controller
> - for the  project i have managed to clone from GIT repository  , when
> trying to access  webapp - WEB INF , which in most apps is located web
> pages designing  stuff and other tools , i find nothing but web.xml. and
> context.xml .
> -  The other option  i tried,  is to access  front end source code  by
> passing on community  - app by using  the following
> link file:///C:/Users/xxx/mifosinstall/community-app/app/index.html?baseApiUrl=
> https://localhost:8443#/  that point to my local repository, i only
> access blank web page .
> I really need guidance on how i can access ,  design  and develop on this
> app
> Thanks
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