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Re: Demo server required for future development in mobile

hi Maurya - I think this is a good point to raise and thank you for raising
it on list.

As I understand it, you want to have a demo server so that you can write a
front end application against the back end APIs of Fineract-CN.

First, I think you'll already know that this was the approach that the
community at Mifos took with MifosX, which migrated to fineract1.x .
As context, the strategy there was to have a demo server against which
anyone could write a front end and test their dev against a "dev sandbox"
for the backend.
This worked well.

Now, for fineract-CN, the basic difference as I understand it, is that
instead of a single possible API, there could a set of APIs based on which
microservices are included in the instance.  It may still be sensible to
have a demo server set up by *SOMEONE* (i.e. some outside group), or it may
make sense for fineract.apache.org to have a demo server.

I tried to find on the apache.org site any other project that has a similar
demo backend server. I haven't found one.  If someone knows of one, that is
hosted by apache, rather than an outside group, please do point it out.

What I found was that generally speaking, documentation about APIs are
provided but that run time instances are not.  For example, you can see the
apidocs of twill. http://twill.apache.org/apidocs/index.html

Setting aside the issue of choosing which microservices to run and how to
keep the API versioning straight (something that is still under discussion
on this liserv),
, I think we need to figure out if this is something that fineract
community *should* do as part of  the project, or if we want the broader
user-base should be asked / encouraged to do this.  There may not be a
single cannonical API document, which to me points to some strong
divergence from the current fineract1.x approach, and therefore that this
should be done outside of the project.

@jimjag   Jim Jagielski (The Apache-experienced one)
This seems like a decision where your input would be much valued!

- James

On Sat, Sep 15, 2018 at 1:57 PM Rajan Maurya <rajanmaurya154@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi folks,
> We really need fineract-cn demo server up and running for mobile
> future development, without fineract-cn web-client and live demo server I
> can't predict. what would be next feature and APIs I need to use for future
> development.
> I don't think so If would take time to you.
> Thanks in advance, please....... 🙂
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> *Thanks*
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