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[ANNOUNCE] New Apache Fineract Committer James Dailey

Hello Fineract community!
I'm happy to announce that Apache Fineract has a new committer.

James is in fact the longest standing member of the Mifos and Fineract
community as he is the origin of the project as the original founder and
visionary behind Mifos back when it started as MOAP within Grameen
Foundation - http://moap.sourceforge.net/.

See this post for more on the roots of Mifos, now Fineract and James' story
- http://mifos.org/blog/the-roots-of-the-mifos-initiative/

Throughout the years, James has been an active member of the community.
Most recently he's helped the community stay on the pulse of payments and
digital financial services through valuable valuable insight he provides
regularly on the mailing lists as a consultant to the Gates Foundation on
their Level One Project. James has also shared his expertise on pay as you
go clean energy solutions.

While not a developer, James has contributed significantly in sharing
requirements and spearheading discussions across a variety of subjects on
the mailing lists. He has provided valuable feedback and insight into
forward-looking architectures for banking and financial inclusion. Most
recently he's been stewarding critical discussions on payments integration
and the alignment between Apache Fineract and Mojaloop. He recently has
been spearheading efforts to improve our processes and fix the contribution
model for the community.

James is eager to come on board as a committer and become more deeply
involved in the Apache Fineract community.

Congratulations James! Thank you for your contributions, and thank
you for accepting our invitation!  We look forward to continuing to
work together with you.

Best Regards,

Ed Cable
Apache Fineract

P.S. James, would you mind if we announce your committership on social