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Fineract 1.x repository has been moved to gitbox

Hey all,

You asked for UI merges of Fineract PRs and now you have them!   If
you haven't already, you'll need to do a couple of things to make this
work: a.) activate 2FA for the GitHub account you use with these
Apache projects, and then b.) link your Apache and GitHub accounts.
See these
links for more information:


You'll also need to change where the remotes point on your local
forks.  In the fineract directory type:
> git remote --verbose
...to see how they are set now.  Then use "git remote remove" and "git
remote add" to adjust to point to the new home of the github
repository at https://github.com/apache/fineract.git

These steps will take you about 15 minutes and they are now necessary
to work on any fineract repository including Fineract 1.x,
fineract-site, and the Fineract CN repositories.

Best Regards,

P.S. I sent this information out last year as well when the Fineract
CN repositories were created via gitbox.  If you followed my
instructions then, you should already be set: