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Re: PR Reviews


Thank you for picking up on James' thread and putting it into action with
some spot-on questions.

Please see my replies inline:

On Tue, Aug 28, 2018 at 6:46 AM Mexina Daniel <mexina@singo.africa> wrote:

> Hello fineract'ers
> Can someone help me to understand few things:
> 1. Should the PR be reviewed by someone (who can be a committer or not)
> before being merged or a committer can merge his/her PR even if it hasn't
> being reviewed by anyone?

In the spirit of James' email requesting a cultural change around PRs and
the feedback from Ross on minimizing any barriers to contribution, James
had proposed and I vouch we adopt a lazy consensus policy around committers
being able to merge their own PRs - if nobody objects within 72 hours, the
committer can merge their own PR. As James puts, if it breaks, it can be
unmerged. This would be a shift from our currently policy in which all PRs
(from everyone including committers) require a review before being merged.

> 2. Do we have reviewers of PRs (If yes, i would like to know even few of
> them) or anyone can review?

Historically we only allowed committers to review PRs but based on Ross'
insight into some of the breakthrough changes other projects recently made,
anybody can now review a PR (committer or not). It would be great to have a
dedicated team of reviewers but there is no barrier to reviewing PRs so we
encourage anybody to review and comment on PRs - it's a great way to build
merit and pave path towards becoming a committer.


> Best Regards
> Mexina

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