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Re: Fineract CN GSoC 2018 Interns: Send your PRs


I have made several Pull Requests during the three month, please have a look.

The list of the PRs are here: https://github.com/openMF/mifos-chatbot/pulls <https://github.com/openMF/mifos-chatbot/pulls>

Thanks for reviewing. 


> On 28 Jul 2018, at 4:08 PM, Awasum Yannick <awasum@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Interns,
> Given we are near the end of GSoC 2018, I am recommending for everyone to
> start sending in the PRs for the work we have done so far.
> I will be available to start reviewing today or tomorrow (Sunday).
> @Pembe Miriam <pembemiriam007@xxxxxxxxx> , I already started with yours and
> left some comments here:
> https://github.com/apache/fineract-cn-group-finance/pull/2
> I also encourage you all to write unit tests for the work done so far as we
> might not be able to merge your PRs without proper tests.
> Also write user and developer documentations for your work and add more
> clarity on user stories and requirements which have evolved over the course
> of the GSoC period so others can get context. Use confluence.
> I am available to answer questions if you are having problems mostly in my
> night period. I'm at GMT + 1 time zone. Lets try to get everyone unblocked
> and complete the GSoC project within the next few weeks.
> Thanks.
> Awasum