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System key error when assigning identity manager to tenant


Hope this message reaches you well.
I have separate the different microservices and they are running well. I am
currently running provisioner and identity on GKE. I have gone through the
process of creating application and tenants via provisioner endpoint.
Currently, I have initialized just one application, that is identity.
I am trying to set identity as the Identity Manager for a tenant with
identifier, `playground` but I get an error response:

*`The given identity instance didn't recognize the system token as valid.
Perhaps the system keys for the provisioner or for the identity manager are

Here are the logs for provision, https://pastebin.com/QyXc4GHH, and
identity, https://pastebin.com/ermXJPBF

I did an update on provisioner to set RSA public and private keys. Here is
the link to changes made:

I debugged, and I realized the error comes when provisioner tried to
initialize with identity via an HTTP request But I still don't understand
why I get the error.

I will really appreciate some help.