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Re: Code Committ Process for Fineract Committers

Hello Myrle

Thank you for the clarifications you have provided,

I also was experiencing some challenges during merging of PRs,

1. Don't all integration tests has to be successfully for a committer to go on with merging?, i see Steve was able to merge but when i run integrationTests in my end there are some which still fails.

2. When i was trying to merge the PRs which fix the integratioTest https://github.com/apache/fineract/pull/444 which failed by instructions from https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/FINERACT/Merge+a+pull+request+to+a+mirrored+Apache+repo .... On step 3 of merging pull request, i don't understand the command 

" > git pull https://github.com/<forked-reponame>/fineract.git <remote-branch-name>"

How does it exactly pull from specific PR, unless am misunderstanding the variable "forked-reponame" and "remote-branch-name"

Can you help?

Best Regards

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Subject: Re: Code Committ Process for Fineract Committers

Hey Ed,

All Fineract committers have access rights to change all Fineract
repositories. They can merge their own or others PRs. Nazeer, Nayan, Steve,
Santosh, Ed, Avik are all committers. There are a total of 20+ committers.

The process for committing changes is different depending on the
repository. We have two kinds of repositories. Mirrored repositories and
gitbox repositories.

Mirrored repositories are:

As Steve pointed out, mirrored repositories are changed via the process
described here:


I personally find that process painful. It is possible that someone tried
that, failed at it, and came to the mistaken conclusion that he didn’t have
access rights.

Gitbox repositories are:
All the Fineract CN repositories

(We are in the process of changing fineract-site to a gitbox repository.)

In gitbox repositories, PRs can be merged via the Github UI most of us are
familiar with. In November of last year, I explained what you need to do to
enable this here on the mailing list:


If you are a committer and have tried to merge a change-set and failed,
don’t suffer in silence. You are allowed to make changes. Tell us you’re
struggling so we can help you. I promise to never say RTFM to a committer.
And if someone else does it, I’ll call them on it.

Best Regards,

On Fri 27. Jul 2018 at 19:08 Steve Conrad <sconrad1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I was able to merge PRs using the process described in this document:
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/FINERACT/Merge+a+pull+request+to+a+mirrored+Apache+repo
> Myrle created this doc and I made a few updates to it.
> However, it may be that we need to use this GitBox process moving forward.
> I did just go through the process that Ed describes above and it's quite
> easy. I had to go to id.apache.org and set my GitHub user id and then
> accept the invitation that came from ASF. You can check your GitHub
> organizations in Settings->Organizations. You also need to have 2FA enabled
> on your GitHub account.
> Thanks,
> Steve
> On Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 10:54 AM Ed Cable <edcable@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > @Shruthi M R <shruthi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  was working with some of
> > the committers to get the recent self-service APIs she created merged
> into
> > the code base. Both @Nazeer Hussain Shaik <nazeerhussain.shaik@xxxxxxxxx
> >
> >   and @Nayan Ambali <nayan.ambali@xxxxxxxxx>  didn't think they had
> > permission to merge the code so I think there's confusion regarding the
> > code commit process for committers that I wanted to share on list.
> >
> > Pull requests aren't actually merged through Github but rather through
> > Gitbox as described at https://gitbox.apache.org/setup/
> >
> > Necessary prerequisites for committers to have the above setup work is
> > being added to the Fineract committer roster, having your GitHub ID
> > associated with ASF ID, and 2FA enabled.
> >
> > @Steve Conrad <sconrad1@xxxxxxxxx> , @Avik Ganguly
> > <avikganguly010@xxxxxxxxx>  could you give feedback to others as I know
> > you recently went through this process.
> >
> > @Isaac Kamga <isaac.kamga@xxxxxxxxx> , @Santosh Math
> > <santosh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  - could you work on improving
> > documentation on Fineract to reflect this process for committers?
> >
> > Would you also be able to try and merge these incoming pull requests? See
> > below:
> >
> > https://github.com/apache/fineract/pull/461 ------ Fineract -611 unable
> > to create share product
> >
> > https://github.com/apache/fineract/pull/463  ------  Fineract- 628
> > Savings account Api for Self Service App
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Ed
> >
> >
> >
> >
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