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GSoC project: Containerizing Apache Fineract CN - Cann't access running fineract services


Hope this message reaches you in good health and spirit.
I have successfully run the Fineract microservices using Kubernetes on
Google Container Engine. Here is the link to the logs for provisioner
microservice, https://pastebin.com/fAMgeGWK and customer microservice,

The next step according to the code on the demo server is to either migrate
or provision the microservices.
I decided to start with service migration. From the code on service runner,
during service migration, the first step is to authenticate a client with
provisioner microservice.

When I try to access the provisioner or customer microservice I get 404.
When I look at the logs I realize the microservice did not receive the

Here are the IP address for provisioner and customer ms:
NAME                  TYPE           CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP
PORT(S)           AGE
customer-service      LoadBalancer
 2024:30118/TCP    13h
provisioner-service   LoadBalancer
 2020:31162/TCP    13h

Please I will be grateful If could get some help identififying the problem
i.e why the microservice doesnt receive my request.

In the code on demo server, after starting the microservice, the code sets
ApiFactory for each microservices. I don't know if that might be an issue.