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Fineract CN GSoC 2018 Interns: Send your PRs

Hello Interns,

Given we are near the end of GSoC 2018, I am recommending for everyone to
start sending in the PRs for the work we have done so far.

I will be available to start reviewing today or tomorrow (Sunday).
@Pembe Miriam <pembemiriam007@xxxxxxxxx> , I already started with yours and
left some comments here:

I also encourage you all to write unit tests for the work done so far as we
might not be able to merge your PRs without proper tests.

Also write user and developer documentations for your work and add more
clarity on user stories and requirements which have evolved over the course
of the GSoC period so others can get context. Use confluence.

I am available to answer questions if you are having problems mostly in my
night period. I'm at GMT + 1 time zone. Lets try to get everyone unblocked
and complete the GSoC project within the next few weeks.