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Code Committ Process for Fineract Committers

Hello all,

@Shruthi M R <shruthi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  was working with some of
the committers to get the recent self-service APIs she created merged into
the code base. Both @Nazeer Hussain Shaik <nazeerhussain.shaik@xxxxxxxxx>
  and @Nayan Ambali <nayan.ambali@xxxxxxxxx>  didn't think they had
permission to merge the code so I think there's confusion regarding the
code commit process for committers that I wanted to share on list.

Pull requests aren't actually merged through Github but rather through
Gitbox as described at https://gitbox.apache.org/setup/

Necessary prerequisites for committers to have the above setup work is
being added to the Fineract committer roster, having your GitHub ID
associated with ASF ID, and 2FA enabled.

@Steve Conrad <sconrad1@xxxxxxxxx> , @Avik Ganguly
<avikganguly010@xxxxxxxxx>  could you give feedback to others as I know you
recently went through this process.

@Isaac Kamga <isaac.kamga@xxxxxxxxx> , @Santosh Math
<santosh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  - could you work on improving
documentation on Fineract to reflect this process for committers?

Would you also be able to try and merge these incoming pull requests? See

https://github.com/apache/fineract/pull/461 ------ Fineract -611 unable to
create share product

https://github.com/apache/fineract/pull/463  ------  Fineract- 628 Savings
account Api for Self Service App



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