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Fineract, Standing Order Loan Repayment generates an extra journal entry

Did anyone experience a redundant journal entry for a standing order
repaying a loan installment?


In the  transactions of repayment of a loan installment from a saving
account, I noticed:

1.       1 Saving Transaction in m_savings_account_transaction

2.       1 Loan Transaction in m_loan_transaction

3.       2 Journal entries in acc_gl_journal_entry:

a.       1 Saving entry: debit and credit of same liability account, but for
the same installment amount

b.      1 Loan entry: debit of the installment amount on the same liability
account against a credit of asset account (principal) and income account


Did I miss something in the product/standing order setup or the first
journal saving entry is a requirement by Fineract?