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Re: [GSoC'18 Web App]: Query regarding current design approach

Also regarding the module I am using I have tested it end to end for
angular 6 for every test cases required as it was in previous version of
community app. No issues for me yet.

Apart from that I have stuck to Material angular so far only. Just only
this exception to suit the UI.

Material stepper has huge disadvantages:

   - two columns looks quite huge
   - not adhering to material design guidelines for forms

Below I am sharing quick links of UI screens. I did experiment and
researched a lot before coming up with this.

   1. https://codepen.io/mildrenben/pen/raqJvy
   2. https://codepen.io/jonnitto/pen/OVmvPB
   3. https://codepen.io/sevilayha/pen/IdGKH
   4. https://codepen.io/creativetim/pen/EgVBXa

On Fri, Jul 20, 2018 at 9:21 PM, Abhay Chawla <abhay.chawla97@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hello Everyone,
> This is regarding the current design implementation in the web app.
> Currently, wherever we have forms it was decided that we follow a single
> column approach along with the implementation of angular-archwizard.
> According to me, we have a lot of space on larger screens like desktops
> where due to this a lot of space remains vacant on the left and right side.
> Therefore I think we should follow a two column approach for larger screens
> and single column for smaller screens only.
> Also, we should use the angular material stepper instead of angular
> archwizard as although the angular archwizard supports the case to disable
> the wizard view if its not required, it has only been updated to support
> Angular 5 till now. Instead material stepper can be used where wizard view
> is required and simple material card design approach be used where it isn't.
> @Gaurav @Pranjal @Maulik @Santosh @Ed please let us know your opinion
> regarding the same.
> I have attached screenshots for the single column and two column
> approaches for your reference.
> Thanks
> Abhay.