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[GSoC'18 Web App]: Query regarding current design approach

Hello Everyone,

This is regarding the current design implementation in the web app. Currently, wherever we have forms it was decided that we follow a single column approach along with the implementation of angular-archwizard.
According to me, we have a lot of space on larger screens like desktops where due to this a lot of space remains vacant on the left and right side. Therefore I think we should follow a two column approach for larger screens and single column for smaller screens only.
Also, we should use the angular material stepper instead of angular archwizard as although the angular archwizard supports the case to disable the wizard view if its not required, it has only been updated to support Angular 5 till now. Instead material stepper can be used where wizard view is required and simple material card design approach be used where it isn't.

@Gaurav @Pranjal @Maulik @Santosh @Ed please let us know your opinion regarding the same.
I have attached screenshots for the single column and two column approaches for your reference.