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Re: APIs for self service App

See replies inline. But in short these are all operations/actions that a
customer would potentially want to do via a self-service operation.

On Fri, Jul 20, 2018 at 5:38 AM Shruthi M R <shruthi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi Saksham/Ankit,
> I am working on api's for self service app. Can you please clarify why
> below API's are required,
> 1.  Support for adding guarantors

Some MFIs might want to permit their customers to add guarantors in via the
self-service channels.

> 2.  Support for viewing reports  - I believe this is done for management.
> correct me if I am wrong.

These are for individual level customer reports that would be designed so
customers can download view account histories, etc.

> 3. Support for surveys

Customers should be able to self-submit surveys that an MFI request via
self-service app

> 4. Support for Applying new Shares Account - I am not completely sure
> about this as it requires a savings account to be linked with shares
> account.

We would want the ability for someone to apply for new shares just like
they could a loan or savings account.

> Once its confirmed I will add APIs.
> Thank You,
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