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Re: Upload Client Document not working

Hi Anwesh,

I logged into demo server with mifos user credentials. But I am unable to find upload document button in client documents page. 
I thought its a permission issue, so thought of adding permission, to my surprise mifos user can't edit/update permissions nor create new user.

So for the problem analysis can you please create a user and assign super user role and share credentials with me?

And yes, the issue is in demo server only , I was not able to reproduce the issue in local or staging servers.

Thank You,

Shruthi M R

Senior Software Engineer - Conflux Technologies
shruthi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | Skype: Shruthi Rajaram | Mobile: +91-8277012716

On Tue, Jul 17, 2018 at 8:04 PM, Anwesh Krishna Nayak <anweshknayak@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi community,

Upload Client Document in Clients page throws an error after uploading document and submitting in demo server. While it works fine in mobile server.