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Re: API Docs

Including Fineract Dev list too.


Those should be mostly up to date except for some of the new self-service
APIs.  I'll let others reply. Sanyam - can you provide link to you Swagger
docs too?

On Mon, Jul 9, 2018 at 3:49 PM Anwesh Krishna Nayak <anweshknayak@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi Community,
> While working with Fineract API docs[1] I found most of the relevant APIs
> are not documented or missing. Or information in certain sections is
> incomplete.
> Could anyone guide me to the repository from where API docs are hosted? So
> I could make the respective changes.
> Thanks
> [1] . https://demo.openmf.org/api-docs/apiLive.htm

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