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Re: FINERACT- 628 and FINERACT 638 APIs for self service app

Hi Saksham,

I am reaching out to you regarding FINERACT-628.

PFA API details for Creating Savings account.  As I am not sure about  the format you are expecting, can you please look into the file and confirm or can you share any API which was previously distributed, for reference.

Thank You,

Shruthi M R

Senior Software Engineer - Conflux Technologies
shruhti@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | Skype: Shruthi Rajaram | Mobile: +91-8277012716
POST  ---- https://Domain name/api/v1/savingsaccounts

Payload : 

   "submittedOnDate":"09 July 2018",
   "dateFormat":"dd MMMM yyyy",
   "monthDayFormat":"dd MMM",