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Help with Design, Approach and specifications for group lending/savings on Fineract CN.

Hello everyone,

*I am a GSoC 2018 intern working on the Group Service for Apache Fineract
CN, I have learn alot from the community over the past few months and I am
very grateful to the community, the developer and architects of this great
platform. I am also thankful to my mentor, Awasum and Isaac Kamga for all
the patience and help offered this far.My project was divided into 2
phases:1. Was to consume the existing Group APIs available in Fineract CN
and incorporate them(UI) into fims web app2. To add group management
features and extend the backend to take more group lending and savings use
cases. So far I am almost done with consuming the existing endpoints within
fims, Thanks to Mark Van Veen for all the help. I am getting ready to start
working on the backend and I will like help on the following:a.) It will be
great and will ease my work if someone could help me with the design,
architectural and user specs for the current implementation of groups so
that I can complete the backend as originally intended.I am hoping there
was a design document or an approach used when this service was initially
developed. Markus, Myrle, please help me here and I will really appreciate
it to get some clarification and additional help with the specifications
and how I might proceed.b.) I will need help understanding how I might link
groups service to work with deposit and portfolio services to provide group
savings and lending. And also how this might affect accounting service.c.)
I will like help if other business users identify and elicit requirements
on Confluence wiki about group lending and savings use cases. If they are
written down, it will be great, if you answer on site here..I can gather
the requirements together and put in Confluence. Ashok and Ed are already
helping with getting Pembe and I to understand the group requirements and
we need more input.Thanks very much.Ruphine Kengne*