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Re: Introducing Shruthi Rajaram, Mifos Community Engineer

Hi Shruti,
Welcome to the community.

On Wed, Jul 4, 2018 at 3:47 PM, Ed Cable <edcable@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello Mifos and Fineract communities,
> I wanted to formally introduce Shruthi Rajaram of Conflux Technologies who
> is just starting out her role as Mifos Community Engineer as of yesterday.
> You'll hopefully be seeing a lot of her on the lists as she's stepping into
> the role that Nazeer once filled in presiding over the community. I'll let
> her introduce herself and her background.
> The Mifos Initiative as fortunate enough to secure funding from DIAL
> through one of their catalytic grants to get the Dirty Jobs work done. Her
> role is made possible by this grant.
> As you've seen over the past several months, there have been delays in
> shipping releases, merging pull requests, fixing bugs, building new APIs.
> Having a dedicate person in this role will certainly help with these delays
> but I don't want it to reduce the pressure or remove the need for our
> committers and community at large to be helping with these vital duties
> because our aim is to help make the Fineract and Mifos communities
> self-functioning without intervention of funded dedicated developers.
> For the near immediate future, she'll be working on the APIs that our GSOC
> students need and getting the outstanding pull requests merged for Fineract
> 1.2.
> Her scope of focus across Fineract and Mifos will include:
> * - Review and merge pull requests from interns, partners, and volunteers
> in our community to the Apache Fineract platform- Review and merge pull
> requests from interns, partners, and volunteers in our community to the
> Mifos X web and mobile apps- Guide the QA process and release management
> process as part of the Apache Way to publicly release Apache Fineract-
> Prepare and package corresponding Mifos X web and mobile app releases that
> consume the stable Apache Fineract platform. - Triage incoming bug reports
> and feature requests. - Fix critical and show-stopping bugs and security
> vulnerabilities that arise and release them promptly as hot fixes.  - Fix
> outstanding P1 bugs and feature requests from our backlog that requires
> deep platform-level knowledge that volunteers can’t take on. - Develop new
> APIs, integrations, and minor features which are dependencies for other
> projects which will be developed upon by interns and volunteers.-
> Architectural Design and Technical Onboarding - as new external
> contributors come to the project, we need an expert on our platform to give
> them an initial technical onboarding and help them properly design new
> features they’d like to build - Dev Ops to maintain continuous integration
> servers and build pipelines to push merged code to our staging server and
> push stable releases to our demo servers. *Join in welcoming Shruthi to
> our communities!
> Cheers,
> *Ed Cable*
> President/CEO, Mifos Initiative
> edcable@xxxxxxxxx | Skype: edcable | Mobile: +1.484.477.8649
> *Collectively Creating a World of 3 Billion Maries | *http://mifos.org
> <http://facebook.com/mifos>  <http://www.twitter.com/mifos>

Thanks and Regards

*Ankit Sharma*
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