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Re: Fineract CN demo server, Windows 10 64-bit troubleshoot

Hello Louis,

Thanks for all the enhancements.
Go ahead and add the changes you have made to the wiki page and also send a
PR with the changes you made for cloning and building on Windows

You create a confluence Id here:


On Sun, Jul 1, 2018 at 12:18 PM Louis Niyongabo <lniyongabo@xxxxxxxxx>

> Following this link
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/FINERACT/How+To+Build+Apache+Fineract+CN
> steps on Windows 10 64-bit, there’s some troubleshooting to go through:
> (1)    For “*What you will need*” section, the challenge is to have the
> Cassandra server running. Download 64-bit v3.9.0
> https://academy.datastax.com/planet-cassandra/cassandra, the installation
> is straight forward. Once installed, even if you can run the Cassandra
> server from the command prompt, ensure that the windows service
> DataStax_DDC_Server(DataStax DDC Server 3.9.0) is running. After changing
> the environment variables, change these files in config folder:
> a.       cassandra-env.sh  : JVM_OPTS="$JVM_OPTS
> -Djava.rmi.server.hostname="
> b.      cassandra.yaml :
>                                                                i.      listen_address:
>                                                              ii.      rpc_address:
>                                                             iii.      cdc_raw_directory:
> "C:/Program Files/DataStax-DDC/data/cdc_raw"
> c.       the folder cdr_raw isn’t in that path by default, create it
> (2)    In the “*Clone The Repositories*” section, the script to clone
> Fineract CN repositories has been revised for Linux, but not for windows.
> In [Fineract CN Root]/integration-tests/demo-server/scripts/windows,
> there’s a batch “initial-setup.bat”. Find attached a revised version. The
> initial script just missed “fineract-cn-“ in front of every folder. You can
> comment “rem git remote …”, “rem git checkout …” and “rem CALL gradlew …”
> lines if you want first to verify if you have got the right Fineract CN
> folders structure. Next step, ref. *Feedback note*.
> (3)    In the “*Orchestrate Microservices Using The demo-server*”
> section, the microservice data stores (A) command does not go through. The
> Local data stores (B) works fine, provided:
> a.       The ActiveMQ service is stopped or at least changed the running
> port from 61616 to another that’s not being used by the microservices.
> b.      The first run is different from subsequent runs. The first run of
> the microservices create local Cassandra & MySQL databases, but subsequent
> runs use the very databases created in the first un. If first run crashes,
> log into Cassandra and MySQL and drop the databases “seshat” and
> “playground”, and start over until the databases are created successfully.
> c.       Commands:
>                                                                i.      *First
> run*: java -Ddemoserver.provision=true -Ddemoserver.persistent=true
> -Dcustom.cassandra.contactPoints=
> -Dcassandra.cluster.user=cassandra -Dcassandra.cluster.pwd=password
> -Dcustom.mariadb.host=localhost -Dcustom.mariadb.user=root
> -Dcustom.mariadb.password=mysql -jar demo-server-0.1.0-BUILD-SNAPSHOT.jar
>                                                              ii.      *Subsequent
> runs*: java -Ddemoserver.persistent=true -Dcustom.cassandra.contactPoints=
> -Dcassandra.cluster.user=cassandra
> -Dcassandra.cluster.pwd=password -Dcustom.mariadb.host=localhost
> -Dcustom.mariadb.user=root -Dcustom.mariadb.password=mysql -jar
> demo-server-0.1.0-BUILD-SNAPSHOT.jar