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fineract & community-app vs fineract-CN Services & fims-web-app

Dev team,


I have installed fineract & community-app on my dev machine, and they work
fine. Later, through search, I realized there's also fineract-CN with its
30+ services & fims-web-app. I also installed them on the same dev machine,
and they work fine as well. These 2 are very different; the former (mifos)
has 'mifostenant-default' and 'mifosplatform-tenants' databases running on
MySQL while the latter (fineract) has 2 sets of databases 'seshat' and
'playground' running on Cassandra and MySQL. The schema of
mifostenant-default has nothing to do with the schema of playground.


I would like to invest time working on either of the 2, hoping to implement
1 in a MFI within 3-5 months:

1)      What is the relation between the 2?

2)      Is mifos the legacy being redesigned into fineract or the 2 will be
kept as completely separate projects?

3)      Which one do you recommend me to work on now?