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Fineract intro text proposed changes

Hi all -

Fineract was contributed by Mifos.org which began life in the world of
Microfinance, however has since then expanded to a broader concept of
Financial Inclusion.  And, the concept behind contributing to Apache was to
broaden the appeal even more. That is, the fineract platform is intended to
serve finTechs and any number of financial service providers.  I believe
that it is important to have a landing page that aligns with that vision,
gives people a way to see their projects fitting into fineract, and I think
that the current articulation might brand the project as "microfinance

To that end, I think it would be useful to be more general-purpose and more
aspirational in our introductory language, which is at the URL:

I propose this *new version*, which removes specific "features" (which
evolve over time) and emphasizes functional areas.

If there is someone who wants to edit further, or comment, please do so.
PMC members - how do you want to treat this? - does it require a formal
vote or can it be changed on the basis of "contribution offered, considered
by members, and accepted?", or is this a merge request?

James Dailey