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Self-Service APIs for GSOC Students

Saksham and Ankit,

Thanks for your patience and your engagement with Adi thus far in helping
to get clarity around the APIs needed for your projects.

I do have a resource finally coming on board that will be able to assist
directly by building out the wrappers around existing APIs to enable them
as self-service.

Can you please confirm that these are the APIs that are missing and/or
lacking documentation:

*Lacking Documentation:*
@Dilpreet Singh <dilpreet2028@xxxxxxxxx>  Are you able to document these on
the Fineract API docs page since you consumed them last summer?

Or Perhaps @Sampath Kumar G <sampath@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> you could do
documentation with support of Adi/Nazeer and Dilpreet.

   - View Reports
   - Notification Service
      - GET device/registration/client/{clientId}
      - POST device/registration
      - PUT device/registration/{id}
   - Registration Service
      - POST registration
      - POST registration/user

*New APIs to be Built*
Saksham and Ankit have documented the new APIs that need to be created at
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FINERACT-628 inclusive of:

1) Support for applying for for savings accounts
2) Support for viewing share accounts
3) Support for adding guarantors
4) Support for editing user details.
5) Support for surveys

6) Support for Applying for new Shares Account

7) Support for uploading new Client's Image

8) Support for the list of Loan, Savings, Shares product along with their

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