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Re: Special Loan Scheduling and interest calculation

Hello Matthew,

Thanks for continue following the community after all these years. I think
you need to subscribe to the mailing list directly as this email came
through the moderator queue. You can simply send a blank email to

Please continue your discussion on list about what interest calculation and
loan calculations you're looking to supports. Domain and Product experts on
the list should be able to help you either enable this through a
configuration or point you to where and how you might modify the source
code if necessary.

I'm also happy to connect with a partner or resource who could you code it
for you or support you in a more direct manner.



On Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 2:08 PM Matthew R. Mutagamba <matmuts@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi there,
> Currently I am in the saving and cooperative sector, working with a rather
> small saving and loan group. I interacted with Mifos about 8 years ago and
> have
> been out of programming for so long that I don't recall most of the things.
> I have tried my hand at getting back with Mifos coding but it is not gone
> so well.
> The current implementation of loan scheduling and interest calculation
> works well with formulas in Microsoft Excel but I want to migrate to a more
> sensible system and Mifos is the candidate of choice. However,  I would
> like to have a special loan scheduling and interest calculation but I am
> tying knots around myself figuring out where to touch and what to modify in
> Mifos source code.
> Can someone help me code it or figure out where and what to touch so that
> perhaps I can do it?
> I can provide the excel implementation if required.
> Thanks in advance

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