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RE: [Mifos-developer] Web-App (Angular 6): Choice of DesignFramework- Angular Material vs bootswatch and ng-bootstrap)

Hi All!

On my experience using and training users of Mifos x, I would recommend these things be added into the new coming Mifos x:


- Data import tool (Bulk Import) menu to have numbers like the old data Import Tool, this helps a lot when you are training  new users of Mifos x. (numbers are memorized easily compared to words!)


- an option to display a total number of clients on list of client’s page.


- When transferring a client from one office to another, an option to choose a transfer date will be good also.


all of these I have attached print screen photos for more clarifications.


Thank you all for the good job!






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Subject: Re: [Mifos-developer] Web-App (Angular 6): Choice of DesignFramework- Angular Material vs bootswatch and ng-bootstrap)


Sifiso, Jubha,


Allowing skinnable themes and more configuration of look and feel of UI is exactly one of the goals we want to support with rewrite of the UI on Angular 6. 


We don't want the default UI to be a drastic departure from the current UX and redesigned skin that we rolled out but we do want to ensure we take into account Material guidelines and address and optimize the current portions of the UI that are challenging for end users. 


What would be great for you both to do is share your feedback on this thread about what works best about the current UX and want to ensure is replicated and what areas of the current UI you think need to be improved the most. 


Santosh is working closely with Anwesh and Abhay on this project to ensure usability is improved and doesn't drastically depart from the current Mifos X web app experience.




On Wed, Jun 20, 2018 at 5:53 AM jubha mayala <basstone40@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all!

Yes, the proposed UI looks great, but I would also recommend if possible Mifos x should have a feature to choose themes. Users to be able to choose the classic Mifos x UI or the new one😊


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Subject: Re: [Mifos-developer] Web-App (Angular 6): Choice of Design Framework- Angular Material vs bootswatch and ng-bootstrap)


Hi guys,


I like some of the UI that is being proposed for the system. But other suggestions are not really necessary like the top menu, client create, and the accounting new look UIs. So my question is can we choose what we want the system UI to look like and perform as?


Kind regards,



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Subject: Re: [Mifos-developer] Web-App (Angular 6): Choice of Design Framework - Angular Material vs bootswatch and ng-bootstrap)


I have attached below the doc containing redesigning of all UI and links respectively






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