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Wireframes for UI for Self-Service User Creation


I had forgotten that Maulik had linked to the wireframes that Denila had
crated for self-service user creation at

Please reference that as you continue that portion of the UI you're focused


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From: Maulik Soneji <maulikhem@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, Mar 8, 2017 at 11:52 AM
Subject: Details about Web-App for Self Service
To: Mifos Developer <mifosdeveloper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Mohit Bajoria <mohitbajo36@xxxxxxxxx>, Ed Cable <edcable@xxxxxxxxx>, <
rajanmaurya154@xxxxxxxxx>, Gaurav Saini <gauravsaini03@xxxxxxxxx>


I am gathering the resources that are currently available for Web-app for
Self Service. Following are the resources that I found worth looking into.
Please feel free to contribute to the post if you find something that will
be helpful.

I have divided the post into two parts:
1. the integrations that need to be made to the community app.
2. the features to be added to the self service web app.

Talking about the integrations to be made to the community-app,
The requirements for the self-service features that are to be integrated
with  are posted in the following link provided by Ed:

Denila has created wire frames for the UI of the integration which can be
found here:  <http://goog_109043529>

Talking about the features that can be added to the self service web-app,
The current requirements can be found on this year's GSOC ideas page here:

Link to the current git repository:

I, Mohit and Rajan had a discussion about the implementation of Self
service that has been currently done in the mobile application and
discussed about what functionality can be added to the web end side as well.

Rajan is currently preparing a document containing details about the
current implementation of self service mobile app.

*Also, we plan to conduct a meeting on this Friday to talk further about
the scope and the functionality that can be incorporated in the self
service mobile application.*

Ed, please help us with planning the meeting.

*Ed Cable*
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