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Re: Shipping Hot Fix for Fineract 1.1 Release

+1 yes for releasing Fineract 1.1 so that a fix can be available.
Also as we will be moving to preparing Fineract 1.2 and there are many open PRs, I want to help on merging them but am facing some challenges.
Is there a commiter available to help?
RegardsMexina DanielLead Software Developer Singo Africa Limited -------- Original message --------From: Ed Cable <edcable@xxxxxxxxx> Date: 12/06/2018  01:46  (GMT+03:00) To: Mifos software development <mifos-developer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Dev <dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: Shipping Hot Fix for Fineract 1.1 Release 
Hi Fineract Committers,

Thank you to Steve for merging the pull request from Madhukar that was made
on April 10 containing the fix for data tables:

Can we please initiate the process to get a release issued so this fix can
be made available?



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