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Establish requirements for app configuration settings for Online Banking App and Mobile App

Hello everyone,

I created a simple demo to illustrate how we will be providing a choice
from various themes to the organizations so that they can configure the new
community app to suit there needs here:
Apart from this, the organization will also be able to configure the
following from the settings in the future:

   1. The name of the organization, its description, a summary, default
   language and date format to be used within the application.
   2. favicon and logo of the organization.
   3. Allow configuration of the contact information of the organization
   (website, email, phone)

Similar configuration settings will be set up within the community app to
configure the theme and any other requirements of the online banking app
and the mobile app as well for which I need to know its specific
The issues for your reference:

The mockups in the issue contain some of the requirements I was able to
figure out. The colours and fonts can be instead changed to theme similar
to what has been planned for the web app for online banking app and mobile
app as well. Please consider these mockups just as a reference and not the
final outcome as I based them on the UI of the prior community app. I am
sharing this in order to establish the requirements for the configuration
of both the projects so that I can create the final screen and request the
APIs to be built accordingly.

I would request the mentors and interns of these project for guidance on
the same.

Looking forward to your response.