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Re: Selection of chat/support tool for Customer-Facing Apps

Hello Abhay,

Form license compatibility point of view; MIT & Apache License 2.0 is OK.



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Subject: Re: Selection of chat/support tool for Customer-Facing Apps

Hello Everyone,

I think we could try using Rocket.Chat Live Chat feature for adding chat
widgets to the Online Banking App and Mobile App on the client side.
Further, admins would respond to clients' queries from the Self Service
User Administrative Portal. Rocket.Chat is open source with MIT license, so
it can be customized accordingly and they offer
cross-platform compatibility (Android, Web, IOS) as well.
Although it looks good, I am a bit confused on what kind of tool are we
exactly looking for. Can you please clarify a little bit on this?
Most of the other tools I could find are not having a proper license and
are paid. Rocket.Chat on the other hand can be hosted on the organisation's
own server as well.

I would also like to apologize for replying late as I got preoccupied with
the exams last week and could not participate in the conversation.


On Fri, May 18, 2018 at 2:01 AM Ed Cable <edcable@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi gentlemen,
> Since all three of you will possibly have some interaction with this
> functionality as part of your GSOC project, (Saksham - mobile banking 3.0
> app, abhay - self-service admin portal, and ankur- mobile wallet 2.0) I
> wanted to resurface the discussion on the list as to what tool(s) we've
> been evaluating and are proposing to use for this functionality.
> Saksham and Abhay, can you list out what you had been proposing so our
> mentors can help finalize a decision with the rest of the community.
> Thanks,
> Ed
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