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[Discussion] Fineract CN SMS & Email Notifications Project

Hi everyone,

I am Ebenezer a student from the African Leadership University and I will
be working on this project under the mentorship of Isaac Kamga.

The idea is to use this thread to discuss the decisions being made on this
project so that the community has visibility on what's happening and most
importantly give constructive feedback.

This is the Doc
containing the shortlisted events which I believe qualify for an Email or
SMS notification. Please review and comment on the doc suggesting any
addition or deletion or related feedback.

*UI for the service:*
This is a link <https://wireframe.cc/pro/pp/5fb6b2e61167290> to the
wireframes for the UI of the service. Please give pointers on what could be
added and what should be taken out.

*​At your service*

*Ebenezer Graham*

*BSc (Hons) Computing*

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