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Re: Requesting For Apache Finreact CN Data Migration Github Repository

Hi Yannick, Hi everyone,

Its been a while. Yannick what will it take to complete the work on
removing the non apache compliant libraries from Fineract CN code base?

Daniel Carlson

On Fri, May 11, 2018 at 10:06 AM, Awasum Yannick <awasum@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Cabrel,
> We might be able to create a new repo for the Data migration project. With
> Myrle's permission, I can create the repo and initialize it with the
> template you have adapted: https://github.com/cabrelkemfang/datamigration
> Firstly, I will like you to create a sequence diagram showing a work flow
> of how you will migrate customer data using POI, Data Migration Service
> communicating with the Customer Service. Secondly, It will also be great to
> think about your API and write down the various endpoints that will be used
> for migration. You can put all that in the confluence page for Data
> Migration.
> Also, I will like you to think about how you will migrate tenants with
> provisioner and to think about making provisioner to run throughout the
> session of a demo server run. Document all these on confluence while I
> configure the migration repo on apache github.
> For the rest of our interns and volunteers who might be reading, we
> will/might also create repos for the SMS and Email Notification project
> (fineract-cn-notification) being executed by Graham, New Web App for MFIs
> (fineract-cn-mfi-web-app) being tackled by Pembe.
> For the next few days and weeks, everyone should complete the architecture,
> wireframes and requirements specs so that they can be reviewed well before
> the end of May.
> One thing I would have liked is for the Open JPA migrations and the removal
> of non apache compliant libraries from Fineract CN code bases well before
> GSoC. Sadly, I have not had the time to complete that work. This is
> something that can be picked up by anyone in the community.
> The new VM been setup for running demo server will be very critical for
> students working on GSoC who might not have the compute capabilities to run
> FCN.
> Thanks.
> Awasum
> On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 4:36 PM, Cabrel Kemfang <
> ghislaincabrel.kemfang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hello Mentors,
> >
> > Hope you are having a great day.
> >
> > Please, could you create a Github repository for Data Migration for
> Apache
> > Fineract CN so that I can start contributing to the project ?
> >
> > I look forward to hearing from you.
> >
> > Humbly,
> > Cabrel Kemfang
> >