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Re: [ANNOUNCE] New Apache Fineract Committer Aleksandar Vidakovic

Hello everyone,

... let me first say thank you for accepting me as a committer. I'm really
looking forward to get more (publicly) involved with the Fineract community.

At the moment I am following Dingfan's GSoC project and trying to help out
where I can. And I'm making myself familiar setting up a Fineract CN
demo server at Apache.

Other than that... trying my best to answer any questions you send my way
and please let me know if I can help out.



On 2018/05/05 13:44:20, Ed Cable <e...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Fineract community!>
> I'm happy to announce that Apache Fineract has a new committer.>
> Aleks has been a long-time member of the Mifos and Fineract community>
> dating back more than 5 years. He's deeply aware of all the intricacies
> Fineract 1.x from his work he's done on it. Most recently he mentored>
> Sanyam on his Swagger API documentation project and will be mentoring an>
> intern this year working on a chatbot that integrates with Fineract.>
> As a committer, he's eager to come on board and help the community in>
> getting its public demo infrastructure set up. So stay tuned for those>
> contributions!>
> Congratulations Aleks! Thank you for your contributions, and thank>
> you for accepting our invitation!  We look forward to continuing to>
> work together with you.>
> Best Regards,>
> Ed Cable>
> Apche Fineract>
> P.S. Aleks, would you mind if we announce your committership on social>
> media? I couldn't find your user.>
> Cheers,>
> Ed>