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Re: Requesting For Apache Finreact CN Data Migration Github Repository

Hi Cabrel,

We might be able to create a new repo for the Data migration project. With
Myrle's permission, I can create the repo and initialize it with the
template you have adapted: https://github.com/cabrelkemfang/datamigration

Firstly, I will like you to create a sequence diagram showing a work flow
of how you will migrate customer data using POI, Data Migration Service
communicating with the Customer Service. Secondly, It will also be great to
think about your API and write down the various endpoints that will be used
for migration. You can put all that in the confluence page for Data

Also, I will like you to think about how you will migrate tenants with
provisioner and to think about making provisioner to run throughout the
session of a demo server run. Document all these on confluence while I
configure the migration repo on apache github.

For the rest of our interns and volunteers who might be reading, we
will/might also create repos for the SMS and Email Notification project
(fineract-cn-notification) being executed by Graham, New Web App for MFIs
(fineract-cn-mfi-web-app) being tackled by Pembe.

For the next few days and weeks, everyone should complete the architecture,
wireframes and requirements specs so that they can be reviewed well before
the end of May.

One thing I would have liked is for the Open JPA migrations and the removal
of non apache compliant libraries from Fineract CN code bases well before
GSoC. Sadly, I have not had the time to complete that work. This is
something that can be picked up by anyone in the community.

The new VM been setup for running demo server will be very critical for
students working on GSoC who might not have the compute capabilities to run


On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 4:36 PM, Cabrel Kemfang <
ghislaincabrel.kemfang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello Mentors,
> Hope you are having a great day.
> Please, could you create a Github repository for Data Migration for Apache
> Fineract CN so that I can start contributing to the project ?
> I look forward to hearing from you.
> Humbly,
> Cabrel Kemfang