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GSoC Project: Self Service User Administrative Portal

Hello everyone,

My name is Abhay Chawla and I am a student pursuing B. Tech. in Computer
Science from Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology, Delhi, India
currently in my 3rd year. I have been contributing in fixing some bugs in
community app of Mifos since January this year.

I had applied for GSoC and my proposal to work on the Self Service User
Administrative Portal for the current android self-service app and the
online banking app(web self-service app) was selected.

I have proposed the Admin Portal to be a separate project in itself rather
than an integration to the community app as it already offers a plethora of
features for the organisation to handle upon. This will ensure a clean
interface for the Admins of the self-service app with only the necessary
features which can be further extended according to the needs in future.

For the same, I need the opinion of the members and mentors as to if my
idea seems feasible or we shall proceed with some other option according to
the needs of the community.

Here is a link to my proposal for you to have a look: Click Here

Looking forward to your replies

Thank you
Abhay Chawla